With over a month behind us in 2017, it’s normal for many to start feeling down due to not being in the direction they set out to be. For those of you who have not followed up on their New Years resolution, know that everything is going to be ok. Not everyone gets it right the first time, actually, most don’t.

Individuals who end the year successfully are often those who push forward consistently until a habit is formed. Eventually, their habits lead them to achieve their goals through sheer discipline.

Do not give up on the remaining 10 months because the first month or two have not worked in your favor.

Take a deep breath, because NOW IS THE TIME TO MAKE THE REST OF 2017, THE BEST!

Below I’ve outlined 5 things you can do (in no specific order) and get back on track:


Revisit Your New Year’s Resolution

Take out that piece of paper, notepad, doc file or wherever you’ve written your New Year’s resolutions and read it over.

If you have not written down your goals, I suggest you do so. Writing down my goals and keeping it on my desk is often the best reminder of my mission.

However, chances are if you have not followed up on your New Years resolution it’s likely due to you forgetting about them and your goals not being meaningful enough.

While revisiting your goals for the year, I would simply evaluate each one and make a decision based on keeping it or eliminating it. Either add goals with more meaning or eliminate the ones you can live without. Chances are if you are willing to eliminate a goal you are not serious, to begin with.

Ultimately the goal for this step is to clear out the clutter and plan out goals you want to achieve and will do whatever it takes to get it.

Cut The Negativity Out Of Your Life

Do you have negative people in your life?

Yes, I’m talking about those individuals who find the negative even in the most positive situation.

Cut them out! If not, limit your time spent with them.

Negativity is one of the nasty diseases that has come to this planet that eventually affects even the most positive person when surrounded by it.

Negative people will do you no good other than slowing your progress on your journey to success.

Here are two things you can do when facing negative people and continue working towards what’s important for you.

  1. Walk out. Yes, walk out of the room as soon as you feel a negative conversation is coming. The moment you hear gossip, nonsense political arguments or religious arguments simply get up and leave the room. Trust me, no one wins those arguments. Growing up as teens my friends and I have always argued about politics. Here we are 15-16-17 years of age at the prime of our teen years, despite everything we can do,  we wasted a good chunk of it arguing when together. These arguments help no one, they do no good other than leaving one annoyed. Looking back today, all that’s left behind is the time wasted and the stress caused by nonsense.
  2. If it’s affecting you physically, mentally or emotionally it might be time to filter it out of your life and move onto better things. Most people know when it’s time to cut ties with others, whether it’s their relatives, friends or associates. But the reality is most won’t cut ties that easily despite how negatively it is affecting them. Evaluate your relationships. At this stage, if it is simply hurting you then it’s best to take action and let go of what does not make you happy or a better person. Because YOU come first.

I’ve found what best works for me is ignoring negative individuals and not getting caught up in the nonsense. If something does not make me wealthy, happy, or a better person I simply have no interest in it and neither should you.

Because ideally what’s left? I have no interest in having a “strong relationship” with someone who constantly affects me negatively and you shouldn’t either.

Quit Feeling Sorry For Your Self

Complaining and Whining will do you no good.

Show me anyone (including celebrities and successful business people) who achieved massive success due to complaining and whining? I personally don’t know anyone.

Why complain when there are better, more positive options available.

Here are 2 alternatives you can use to stop complaining and take back control of your life.

  1. Develop your passion and love what you do. Having a can-do attitude will keep your fire going against barriers throughout your journey. Take a look at the most successful individuals today such as Elon Musk and Howard Schultz. You’ll often hear these individuals say that they are not the smartest person or one with the most resources. However, what they do say is they used their passion as a fuel and outwork everyone. They studied and learned through trial and error. They are ambitious, hard working and they followed their dream as should you too.
  2. Be fearless and follow through to the end. Whenever you have a problem on hand, take initiative and go straight to the solution! Putting all your effort into the solution rather than worrying about the problem will give you clarity of mind, more power over the situation and the chance to close the deal.

Disown Your Helplessness: Make the decision to aggressively seek solutions. In the process, you will be surprised at the creative methods you discover.

Create A Morning Ritual (Join The 5 AM Club!)

Tracking my sleep pattern I’ve noticed my body best functions with 4-5 or over 10 hours of sleep. I’ve opted for 5 hours and my day begins at 4:25 am, which means I have to be in bed around 11:00 pm. This gives me a good 5 hours of sleep prior to restarting my day.

The rest is as follows:

  • Cup of water with lemon.
  • A 10-minute walk around my neighborhood, getting fresh air and my body up and moving in the morning.
  • A cold shower. Helps increase alertness throughout my body, awake and focused. Other benefits of cold showers include refining skin and hair, improving immunity and circulation, reduce stress, building a strong will power and relieving depression among many others.
  • Breakfast: Prepare and eat a healthy meal. Not to sound typical but breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A healthy breakfast helps energize my body fueled with quality protein and nutrition’s needed to start the day.
  • Important! Pray and Visualize my life.
    • First, I pray and be thankful for everything I have in my life, the good and the bad. The bad could always be worse.
    • Next, I pray for the things I want in my life whether that’s money, health, meaningful relationships, power…etc.
    • Followed by a minute of silence and visualizing how my life will be.
  • Lastly, I brew a cup of my favorite espresso, grab a book and fuel my mind for approximately 30-45 minutes.
    • Reading only 10 pages a day equals 300 pages a month, equivalent to the size of an average book.

At this point, its about 6 am and I ready to start off my work routine.

The importance of having a morning ritual that gets you up and going for the rest of the day is crucial. I’ve shared mine as an example, but I suggest you also search the morning rituals of successful people around the world.

Individuals including Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Steve Job and Oprah Winfrey among many others all have morning rituals.

In the end, you should ultimately take action and create your very own morning ritual for a more refreshing 2017.

Note: The 5AM  club consists of individuals who awaken themselves emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally before 5AM. Therefore you must be awake at latest 4:45AM and ready to take on the day.

Reward Yourself

Looking back to 2015 starting my first business, I promised myself that the first $x amount of profit I make from the business I will reward myself. I gave myself the option to spend a certain percentage of the profits on a watch I wanted at the time.

I was excited to prove myself that I can do it. It was never about the watch, I wanted something that reminded me of what I was about to do. That is setting a goal, achieving it and the confidence of being able to do it over and over again.

After a few months of working, I achieved my goal, become profitable and made well over the amount I initially set out as a milestone. This eventually led me to purchase the watch I wanted.

Although I currently prefer experiences over material purchases as a reward. This purchase is an example of my first “reward yourself moment”.

The benefit of rewarding myself was simply a boost in confidence which I still carry to this day.

As you progress through 2017, make sure to reward yourself and celebrate the milestones.

This could simply be, a cheat meal after a week of workout and diet. A watch you love, or even a workation (work + vacation) given that you are able to work from your laptop. Simply anything that keeps you going.



Be great,


Aykut Erketir

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